Please help the Sandbar

Donate to our GoFundMe Campaign

A GoFundMe has been set up for The Sand Bar in Capitola as owners Jeff and Minna Lantis navigate the dream of keeping it alive after the devastation of a 40 year storm that has taken years of their hard work away. The storm, 30 foot waves, and the King tides of January 5th, 2023 have destroyed every floor, appliance and all inventory Leaving a long list of expenses that are not covered by insurance. The coming months propose an incredible amount of financial challenges as Jeff and Minna try to take care of valued staff and their hardships while rebuilding and restoring The Sand Bar. This blessed beauty on the ocean is home to countless friends, musicians, dancers, locals, repeating visitors and newcomers who have enjoy the food, service and culture so much as to say that they love The Sand Bar in Capitola. Please help this wonderful community and family establishment stay alive!